Bong Chu Andong Jjimdak (봉추안동찜닭)

Andong Jjimdak is a spicy dish of broiled chicken, vegetables, and clear cellophane noodles, with a soy sauce base. Apparently it originated in Andong City. It’s quite a simple recipe really, but each place that serves it differs the in amount of spice, soy sauce, and quality of chicken.

Bong Chu Jjimdak is my favorite spot for Jjimdak, and its popularity is clear by its over 10 locations throughout seoul. Just type “Bong Chu, Seoul” or “봉추찜닭, 서울” into Google Maps and it’s easy to find. I’ve been to the locations in Hongdae, Gangnam, and Anam, and they’ve all been consistently delicious. As you can see in the pictures below, a line forms during peak hours. The chicken is juicy, the vegetables and noodles aren’t nuked, and the sauce is very spicy – as i like it.

The only downside of Jjimdak that I can think of is that I find the flavor monotonous. Just like with 닭갈비 (Dak Galbi), I tire of eating the same flavor over and over. But that’s not this restaurant’s, or the dish’s fault, and I seem to be the only one suffering from monoflavor syndrome. To help with this though the dish is served with a tart radish side dish and drink that cuts/aleves the spice and salt.

The price is around 10,000-12,000KRW per person.

There are many locations throughout Seoul. Type in “봉추찜닭, 서울” into Google Maps to find them.

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