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Taegukgi – Korean BBQ

The all you can eat Korean BBQ wars have expanded down to San Diego from LA. Thank the Lord God Almighty for thisView full post »

Jangsoo Meat Joint 장수갈비집 – LA Style Korean BBQ

After living in Southern California for 24 years, I was surprised when I came to Korea and realized there are manyView full post »

Gogung – 고궁 Delicious Traditional Bibimbab

How’s it going guys. Are you surviving this summer? I am not. I am dying. I woke up no less than 10 times lastView full post »

Shin Seonn Seolnongtang 신선설농탕

Seolnongtang is oxbone soup where the bones are boiled so long that the broth turns a milky white. The flavor is a bitView full post »

Don Sa Don 돈사돈 Fresh Pork from Jeju Island

This post is going to sound a bit familiar… that’s because this restaurant is almost the exact same as theView full post »

Kim Don Ee (김돈이) Fresh Pork from Jeju Island

I often eat at these self-grill meat restaurants. My friends and I enjoy eating it not necessarily because meat isView full post »

New Village Restaurant (새마을식당)

새마을식당 aka… pure awesome. This is my go-to restaurant when my friends visit from America. Should youView full post »


There’s only one thing on the menu… MEAT. Galbi. Just lightly marinated galbi served with some dipping sauceView full post »

Koong (궁) – Dumpling Soup (만두국) Done Right

There’s something homey and inviting about an old lady and her mother in traditional Korean garb sitting in front of aView full post »

Really Good Thoughts 참좋은생각

Really Good Thoughts. That’s the name of this place. Believe me it sounds better in Korean: 참좋은생각. ThereView full post »

Hanchu (한추) – Best Fried Chicken and Stuffed Peppers in Seoul

The Best Chicken in Seoul. Yes, I said it. I’ve been to dozens of fried chicken places. I once even traveled twoView full post »

Bong Chu Andong Jjimdak (봉추안동찜닭)

Andong Jjimdak is a spicy dish of broiled chicken, vegetables, and clear cellophane noodles, with a soy sauce base.View full post »

Maple Tree House – 단풍나무집

As you’ve probably noticed, I like simple places. Usually, the less items the better. Fewer choices and a largeView full post »

Yookssam Naengmyeon (육쌈냉면)

My third naengmyeon review… this can only mean one thing… it’s bloody hot. It’s bloody hot, andView full post »

Naengmyun w/ meat (고기주는냉면집)

Some information on 녕면 (naengmyun) from wikipedia here. naengmyun is one of my favorite lunchtime meals. It’sView full post »

Donga Naengmyeon (동아 냉면) – Some Great Naengmyun

Today’s feature is on a naengmyeon place introduced to me by my mother a few months back. I pass through thisView full post »