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Tacos El Gordo

What I’ve been wondering all day after eating here this morning is, how have I never heard of Tacos El GordoView full post »

Coreanos Kitchen 코레아노스키친 – The Best Mexican Food in Seoul

My brother in law, okay actually my brother’s wife’s brother (a distinction we have to make much too oftenView full post »

Gusto Taco – Another Mexican Place

Yeah the title isn’t all that inspiring. But that’s because the food isn’t either. It’s good,View full post »

Cirilo – Delicious and Overpriced Mexican Food

Oh Mexican food. Why why why are you so bloody expensive in Korea?  Growing up in San Diego I was fortunate to be ableView full post »

Vatos Urban Tacos

Vatos opened to incredible success in Itaewon in November of 2011. For the next year and a half I vehemently stayed awayView full post »