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Coreanos Kitchen 코레아노스키친 – The Best Mexican Food in Seoul

My brother in law, okay actually my brother’s wife’s brother (a distinction we have to make much too oftenView full post »

Hurdy Gurdy – Italian Goodness

Hurdy Gurdy easily wins the award for biggest discrepancy between food quality and restaurant name quality. I reallyView full post »

The Booth – Pizza n Beer

Today I’m very excited to introduce a newer restaurant in the Kyunglidan scene – The Booth. They’veView full post »

Le Alaska 르알래스카 – Cute Bakery and Cafe

My friend and ex roommate recently started working at this cute cafe/bakery in Apgujeong so I went to see her the otherView full post »

Hopscotch – AMAZING Gastropub

I never imagined finding a quality gastropub in Seoul. Eating here brought back fond memories of The Linkery in SanView full post »

Don Sa Don 돈사돈 Fresh Pork from Jeju Island

This post is going to sound a bit familiar… that’s because this restaurant is almost the exact same as theView full post »

Primo Baciobaci (프리모바치오바치) – Amazing Italian Food in Seoul

Amongst the hustle and bustle of diners and waiters, Primo Baciobaci remains comfy, with pots, scribbles, and forgottenView full post »


There is an unspoken rule in Korea. Well, maybe it’s not so secret after all. The first rule of Drinking in KoreaView full post »

Rabbit Study Cafe (토끼의지혜)

As a student, and the boyfriend of a student, I spend a lot of time in study cafes. There are several really great onesView full post »