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The Booth – Pizza n Beer

Today I’m very excited to introduce a newer restaurant in the Kyunglidan scene – The Booth. They’veView full post »

The Hill Cafe

This blog is all about the places in Seoul I treasure. Any city takes a long time to discover and it’s my pleasureView full post »

Cirilo – Delicious and Overpriced Mexican Food

Oh Mexican food. Why why why are you so bloody expensive in Korea?  Growing up in San Diego I was fortunate to be ableView full post »

The Hanz Burger – 더핸즈버거 The Best Burger in Haebangchon

Formerly known as Two Hands Burger, The Hanz Burger has consistently been one of my favorite burgers joints in Seoul.View full post »

Casablanca Sandwicherie – Moroccan Sandwiches

Casablanca is no secret these days and has been written about on every food review portal in Seoul, both large and smallView full post »

Standing Coffee – Definitely Worth Standing For

Standing Coffee offers something unique among coffee shops – good coffee. I’ve worked in four differentView full post »

Vatos Urban Tacos

Vatos opened to incredible success in Itaewon in November of 2011. For the next year and a half I vehemently stayed awayView full post »

Pizzeria D’Buzza 부자피자 – Simple, Incredible Pizza

Pizzeria D’Buzza is famous mostly for its three week reservation wait list. However, it’s not so incredibleView full post »

May Bell Bakery (메이벨 베이커리오월의종). Warm Smiles and Warm Bread

Quant, friendly, and warm are all adjectives I thought I’d never use to describe anything in Itaewon. But lo andView full post »

Maple Tree House – 단풍나무집

As you’ve probably noticed, I like simple places. Usually, the less items the better. Fewer choices and a largeView full post »

Sam Ryan’s – Good Ol’ American Style Pub in Itaewon #2

I’ve always heard how great the spots were behind Hamilton Hotel, but just never got around to visiting. Well aView full post »

Gecko’s Terrace (게코스테라스) – Good ‘ol American Style Bar

One thing that always bothered me in Korea is the inability to get a beer for a decent price. It’s not that beerView full post »