Goldfish Point Cafe

I love Goldfish Point Cafe. It’s almost a second home to me. I should confess, I used to work here while studying at UCSD, and so my review is coated with  many wonderful memories, all enriched by nostalgia. Management was lenient, to put it kindly, and I’d often take the solo night shift so I could sit and drink wine and read on the patio. I’d keep the place open late and extend my stay well into the night. After living in Korea where it’s only viable to sit on a patio around 3 months of the year, I’ve come to appreciate these patios much more since I’ve returned. One New Years when some friends and I couldn’t decide what to do I opened the place up and had a mini party here.

I love Goldfish. It’s warm and welcoming here. But by far the best part of Goldfish is the view. It’s location on La Jolla’s historic Goldfish Point has kept me coming back here for at least a decade. Goldfish won’t wow you with their coffee or food, but the view and friendly staff will intoxicate you. And if you’re foolish enough to come here to study, best of luck. That’s not to say the food and drinks aren’t good, they are, but they’re nothing to write about. They’re merely complements to a perfect afternoon with a book or a walk on the beach with a special friend.

1255 Coast Blvd
La Jolla, CA 92037
Open 6a-8p.