Casablanca Sandwicherie – Moroccan Sandwiches

Casablanca is no secret these days and has been written about on every food review portal in Seoul, both large and small. So naturally, I need to copy everyone else. But there’s a reason this place is famous, because it’s ridiculously delicious. The style is the epitome of what I love, a small selection of items, done right.

Though the menu is simple, there’s nothing simple in their cooking. Casablanca is owned by two brothers, Wahid and Karim Naciri. Wahid, still just shy of 30, is a trained chef, and knows his way around the kitchen. One of the main ingredients in all of the sandwiches is a traditional Moroccan street food called makooda, which is fried mashed potatoes. Yes, fried mashed potatoes. Somehow its even better than it sounds. The makooda and other ingredients are served in freshly toasted French Bread from a local Syrian bakery.

Warning: Casablanca sandwiches can take some time to prepare. With no one in line, one will take at least 10 minutes and this can easily double with some people waiting. That doesn’t seem to deter anyone, and certainly never me, as I think most people recognize and even appreciate that quality food requires proper prep time.

The brothers who run the place are as nice of people as you can imagine and always welcome me with a knowing smile. After my second visit they even remembered my order (chicken sandwich, low mayo).

The hours are strange, so be aware. They’re open on weekdays from 5:30p-10:30p (or whenever they run out), and on weekends from 1p-10:30p. And they’re closed on Mondays.

The brothers working their magic. Check out the simple menu. Sometimes they have little triangle shaped cakes that are a must eat.

Moroccan Chicken 5,000w

Spiced Shrimp 6,000w

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Casablanca Sandwicherie
Seoul, Yongsangu, Yongsandong2ga 44-8
서울 용산구 용산동2가 44-8
Weekdays: 5:30p – 10:30p
Weekends: 1p – 10:30p
Closed Mondays.


Gen-Lo-Koo 겐로쿠 – Delicious Japanese Udon

I’ll be honest first, I don’t really like Japanese Udon. It’s okay, but honestly I would rather eat pho three times a day than eat udon once. It’s not that udon is not great, but for me, the opportunity cost is too high. But my buddy Mike promised this place would change my mind about udon. Apparently its a super popular spot in Hongdae and consistently has lines out the door. Well, he was wrong, I still don’t like udon. But I can appreciate that this place does it well, so I’m going to share it. Now that I’ve thoroughly excited you, heh…

So today there was no line out the door, but the entrance is charming.

Ee-na-lee 이나리 2,500w

We started with 이나리, which is a sweet and sour tasting wrap with vinegar rice on the inside. My mom used to make this a lot for me when I was young so it brings back some nostalgia. It’s nothing fancy, but a nice little bite to start with.

Chicken Udon 지도리우동 7,000w + 2 pc 키즈네 1,500w x 2 + 2pc 모째 1,500w x 2

Here is the Chicken Udon, regular size (보통). The brown stuff on top and the white on bottom were extra orders, and we actually meant to just get one of each, but accidentally ordered two of each. So it was a bit more expensive than we anticipated, but that was our fault. The ingredients are fresh, the chicken nicely marinated and tender, and the soup perfectly flavored. It’s hard to find a right salt balance, but I felt this soup was done just right.

Beef Udon 니꾸우동 7,000w + 2 pc 키즈네 1,500w x 2 + 2pc 모째 1,500w x 2

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겐로쿠우동 신촌점

서울 서대문구 창천동 5-60
5-60 Changcheon-dong Seodemun-gu Seoul Korea


Don Sa Don 돈사돈 Fresh Pork from Jeju Island

This post is going to sound a bit familiar… that’s because this restaurant is almost the exact same as the one I reviewed last week. The pork is the same, prices are similar, atmosphere is identical… there’s really almost no difference. So I’m  not going to write much regarding this restaurant. Check out the previous post for more information on the meat. I just wanted to share another location, because it was delicious, as expected. Also, I really need to reduce my meat consumption, this is getting out of hand.

Uh, very handsome Brain.

근고기 제주 도야지 Pork from Jeju Island 600g 39,000w

I couldn’t get a picture of it uncooked this time because they bring it out already cut and partially cooked. Unmarinated, unmolested, just the way I like it.

김치찌개 Kimchi Stew 7,000w


They have some eating directions written on the chopstick holders. Let me see if I can try and not butcher this translation. Apologies to you Korean speakers.

1. After the meat is cut, wait 5 minutes and eat the neck meat.
2. Eat the samgyupsal (outer meat) after eating the neck meat.
3. Dig the meat in salt or that other fishy crap (멜젓) they serve and eat.

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Don Sa Don
809-9 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul, South Korea
서울시 강남구 역삼동 809-9


Kim Don Ee (김돈이) Fresh Pork from Jeju Island

I often eat at these self-grill meat restaurants. My friends and I enjoy eating it not necessarily because meat is delicious (though it is), but because it has an atmosphere we enjoy. It’s nice to sit around for an hour nibbling on meat and have a few bottles of soju. My taste for meat has changed through the years as well. Until several years ago I had always liked marinated meat (양염고기). These days however the cleaner the taste the better. So now I search how meat that is only flavored with salt and maybe some pepper and sesame oil (참기름). And that’s why I really enjoyed this restaurant.

Kim Don Ee features fresh never-been-frozen pork from Jeju Island. It’s slightly more pricey than other restaurants, but it’s worth it. The menu is simple… it’s just meat, and a couple carb dishes. The meat is Pork Neck (목살) and … actually I don’t know the english translation, but it’s 오겹살 O-gyupsal, which is like samgyupsal, but with five layers of meat/fat instead of three. You eat the pork neck first and then eat the ogyupsal, and the guys there will be most of the grilling for you.

Apparently this is also a hot spot for company people to come drink at after work. I looked around carefully and noticed that every single table had soju and people were quite rowdy. It’s my kind of place. Actually, while we were waiting in line outside a girl was carried out over the shoulder of her firend, with her skirt unflatteringly hiked up. She sat outside with a blank look and dry heaved for a bit while her friend held her hair.

Two Portions 2인기준 600g (that’s all it’s called on the menu) 36,000w

Look how thick it is! It’s about as thick as an egg. :D

Kimchi Stew (김치찌개) 6,000w

This was really good. Really good. It makes a huge difference when a meat restaurant pays attention to their carb dishes. This was fantastic. It’s rare for me to say this, but I’d go back here for lunch just to get this. Probably the best part about it was there was good amount of meat in it.

Apparently this place is pretty popular, and there are a lot of locations. Find one near you!

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Jose CoreanoJune 30, 2013 - 9:25 PM

Your blog looks great! Stimulating visuals and just enough text to give you the pertinent info. Next time I visit Seoul we’ve got to grub.

Don Sa Don 돈사돈 Fresh Pork from Jeju Island » Dining AddictionJuly 7, 2013 - 2:49 PM

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Little Papa Pho – Best Pho in Seoul

Today I’m very happy to introduce the absolute best pho place in Seoul. I talked in some length about my obsession with pho in the post for my previously favorite pho joint. In short, Pho is my favorite food and I have a good palate for it. With that said, Little Papa Pho is much better than Little Saigon, and any other place in Seoul. That’s a fact.

Little Papa Pho opened at the end of last year to instant success. It’s a small place with about 20 seats, and while I’ve never seen a long line out the door, the place is usually near full whenever I go. I like the exterior design. It’s cute.

The secret to Little Papa’s Pho is this man. The Man, I should say. Unfortunately, because he’s the secret sauce here, there is a huge caveat and downside to this restaurant. When this small Vietnamese guy isn’t in, the pho is disgusting. I’ve been here about 20 times and I can’t stress enough that you must walk out immediately if you come here and this guy isn’t in. The other Korean cooks can’t hang. It’s really disappointing actually, but what can you do. It’s worth the risk in my opinion to waste 20 minutes coming over here to check if he’s in, which he usually is.

Today I went with Mike, a good friend of mine, and apparently too cool to take off his sunglasses indoor.

Brisket Pho (양지 쌀국수 Yang-ji Ssal-guk-su) 7,500w

I get this Brisket Pho every time I come. Actually I come in so often by myself that they stopped asking my order a while back and just bring me this bowl. Man, this pho is good. I just ate it about 30 minutes ago and I want another. I think the secret to it is that its made with all the correct ingredients. Back in college I tried one day to make pho and after reading the ingredients list I attempted to do it without half of the spices. There were a surprising number of obscure spices I’ve never heard of. Scattered around Little Papa Pho are spices I remember leaving out from that first failed pho-making attempt. The soup is complex and layered, and peppery. It’s not the beef flavored salt water served at other Korean pho joints. Also, this pho has a very distinct and wonderful ingredient I’ve never seen in pho before, even in Vietnam: roasted garlic. It’s such a strong flavor but it mixes perfectly here. It’s amazing, and actually they use it on a lot of their other dishes as well. In the photo above they are the brown flakes there.

I just wished they served lime. :/

Make sure to order cilantro separately. 고수 많이 주세요! Koh-su joo-se-yo!

None of my friends seem to agree with me, but I am in love with this chili pepper. It has a strong roasted flavor and is very very spicy. I pour copious amounts in everything I eat here.

Chicken Mushroom Roll (닭고기 버섯롤 dak-go-gi bu-sut roll) 4,500w

This is a great appetizer or complement to the pho. The rolls are fresh, and flavored perfectly, and the rolls are moist. They are made to order so take a few minutes to prepare. The sauce is a perfect complement, vinegary and spicy, with lavish amounts of roasted garlic.

Vegetable Spring Rolls  (야채 스프링 롤 Yah-che Spring Roll) Large 5,000w

Not much to say here. They taste exactly as they look like. Fresh ingredients, made to order, can’t really go wrong with it. But, actually, I don’t like the sauce. It’s too sweet. But that may merely be due to a personal preference for spicy sauce over sweet.

Little papa pho doin’ it right.

Thanks for waiting Toby!

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English Name: Little Papa Pho
Korean Name: 리틀파파포
English Address: 413-15 Hapjeong-dong Mapo-gu Seoul
Korean Address: 서울특별시 마포구 합정동 413-15
Phone Number: 02.326.2788

Andy Y. ParkJune 16, 2013 - 6:19 AM

great post. I would totally try it out if I were in korea :)

Soyoung LeeJune 16, 2013 - 4:16 PM

Thanks for the post! I’ll check out – I’m crazy abt Vietnamese food!

Stafford GrangerJune 21, 2013 - 6:50 PM

this is exactly what me and my wife have been looking for thank you so much.

Tom DeWittJuly 4, 2013 - 10:10 PM

Nice job on the blog Dustin. I spend one month in Seoul each summer and literally travel on my stomach. I’ll be sure to try out as many of your recommendations as I possibly can.

Hurdy Gurdy - Italian Goodness - Dining AddictionOctober 9, 2013 - 3:12 PM

[…] the places I really love and frankly I go back to the same places quite often. For example I go to Little Papa Pho at least three times a week. Usually I go alone and I’m pretty the workers there think I have […]

Chris LynchMay 18, 2014 - 8:33 AM

Found a better place in Pyeongtaek:

The whole shop is Vietnamese stuff, they have more beers, and there isn’t any Korean-fusion type stuff on the menu.