Tacos El Gordo

What I’ve been wondering all day after eating here this morning is, how have I never heard of Tacos El Gordo before? I used to regularly drive to Mexico just to get some tacos. It was a 2 hour trip for $5 worth of tacos. Thank God, now I can shorten that trip by half and still satisfy my street taco craving. Being in Chula Vista, Tacos El Gordo still isn’t close, but it’s easier to justify when not crossing an international border.

The tacos… Ohh… be still my beating heart. BE STILL. I just ate them 3 hours ago and I want to go back. I feel like Michael Corleone getting hit by the thunderbolt. Except my young beautiful object of desire is greasy adobada tacos. There are a few other selections but word on the street is that the adobada rules so I ordered 3 and left the others to be tried another day. They taste just like they look, dripping dirty sweaty and sloppy, just how I like it. $2 for each taco. I’ll definitely be back, soon, maybe later tonight.

Just a heads up also… you order each different taco at separate areas of the counter. There may be a long line for the adobada, but if you want beef tongue or any other item just walk up to the corresponding section of counter. Also, you can ask for pineapple and veggies, both free. :) ANDDDD finally, my last tip: the horchata is amazing. Get it.