Yookssam Naengmyeon (육쌈냉면)

My third naengmyeon review… this can only mean one thing… it’s bloody hot. It’s bloody hot, and I love my naengmyeon. Here’s another to add to the list of awesome naengmyeon places. According to my girlfriend, this restaurant chain was the original naengmyeon house to offer meat (갈비) along with naengmyeon, a welcome change that’s swept through Korea. I really like it. From the hundreds of celebrity pictures and signatures on the walls, this restaurant also boasts some celebrity appeal.This place is popular. Here’s a list of all their locations.The menu is nice and simple. Only 1.Water naengmyeon (moolnengmyun 물냉면) 2.Spicy naengmyeon (Beebeem nengmyun 비빔냉면), 3. An option for a larger portion size (kopbehgee (곱배기) 4. Options for more meat 5. And, literally translated, fist rice (joomukbab 주먹밥).Water Naengmyeon (mool naengmyeon 물냉면) 5,200₩Bibim (Spicy) Naengmyeon (비빔냉면) 5,200₩ Add spicy sauce, vinegar, and mustard to taste.All of the naengmyeon comes with meat.The Fist Rice (joo-muk-bab 주먹밥) is very unique. I’ve never seen this style of giving customers rice and a glove and letting them have their way. While it was pretty entertaining it was slightly under salted. Fist Rice (joo-muk-bab 주먹밥) 2,000₩Conclusion
One of my favorite 냉면 (naengmyeon) places in Korea. Can be found everywhere. Enjoy!

English Name: Yookssam NaengMyeong
Korean Name: 육쌈냉면
Phone Number: 02.1566.6392
Website: http://www.yookssam.com/
Price: 5,000-7,000₩

Directions: Locations all over Seoul. Type in 육쌈냉면 in the map to find a location near you. 

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