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Sushi Ota

Sushi Ota is the best sushi in San Diego. I just need to get that out there right from the get go. My Korean family areView full post »

Rakiraki Ramen & Tsukemen

As my friends were mostly asian while growing up, and as convoy is a very central location, I spent much too much timeView full post »

Gen-Lo-Koo 겐로쿠 – Delicious Japanese Udon

I’ll be honest first, I don’t really like Japanese Udon. It’s okay, but honestly I would rather eatView full post »

Hoya (호야) – Finally, Some Fresh Sushi

There’s not much good sushi in Korea. Actually I haven’t really had any. But to be honest I’ve beenView full post »

Donburi (돈부리) – Japanese Rice Bowl

Donburi is a Japanese rice bowl topped with fried vegetables and protein. So naturally a restaurant named Donburi isView full post »

Koo-Ee-Do-La-Ku 쿠이도라쿠 The Best Japanese Ramen in Seoul

The name in Korean is 쿠이도라쿠. Yeah, I have no idea what that name means either. Actually until today I’veView full post »